10 Things To Know About Online-To-Offline Marketing This Week

All the location news this week, from where car buyers do their mobile research to how restaurants can take advantage of intelligent search.

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5. Over 75 Percent Of Consumers Are Inspired To Make Purchases By Visual Content

It’s time for marketers to turn their attention to image-based search.

4. Nearly 60 Percent Of Car Buyers Do Mobile Research While At Home

Just 10 percent of auto intenders turn to their smartphones to find dealerships while at work, while 17 percent conduct mobile research during a dealer visit, says GroundTruth’s Stephanie Sollers.

3. How Restaurants Can Take Better Advantage Of ‘Intelligent Search’

“We launched Yext For Food because the methods that consumers are searching for food is actually way ahead of the ways that they’re finding any other type of brick-and-mortar, local business,” says Yext’s Lee Zucker.

2. How Pandora Is Adjusting The Dial On Voice-Activation

“Listening on Pandora is up 250 percent on voice-activated devices, with connected home listening up 22 percent year-over-year,” says Pandora SVP Susan Panico.

1. How The Home Depot Managed Its Digital Presence During And After Historic Hurricanes

Home Depot locations in Houston and South Florida were “constantly and dynamically updating information” on store hours during and after last months disasters to help reduce confusion amid disaster and recovery, said the company’s digital product exec Justin Dilley.

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