10 Things To Know About Online-To-Offline Marketing This Week

All the news this week, from how McDonald's gaming strategy will influence its marketing in 2018 to what marketers need to know about natural language processing.

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5. Geo 101: What Is Natural Language Processing?

Here’s what marketers need to know about the field of computer science making it possible for voice-activated assistants to understand spoken requests — and then answer them.

4. Would Google’s Sale Of Zagat Have Any Impact On Restaurant Reviews?

The role of reviews has changed dramatically for local businesses since Google bought Zagat in 2011. And so has Google’s ability to manage brands’ offline digital presence.

3. GroundTruth Brings In Microsoft Vet Eric Hadley As CMO And Ex-comScore Exec Jeff Hackett As SVP Of Sales

Hadley is succeeding former Ground Truth CMO Monica Ho as the company continues its search for a new CEO.

2. Amazon’s Dave Isbitski: With Voice-Enabled ‘Everything,’ Brands Must Get Back To Conversational Basics

Amazon Echo Alexa Dot

Following a keynote at Yext’s ONWARD conference, Isbitski discussed the mainstreaming of Alexa — and the next phase of the mass shift to voice for marketers.

1. How Will McDonald’s Gaming Strategy Influence Its 2018 Marketing?

“McDonald’s is historically a fun brand” says Tim Snyder, McDonald’s digital business optimization director. “Gaming is just a natural extension of what we’re doing right now with Uber Eats and delivery.”

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