Chevron And AdSport Update aFANity Loyalty Program With Addition Of Visa Rewards

“Chevron is one of the first brands to leverage the new Visa Offers Platform API which will allow AdSport to capture, if enrolled in the program, the transaction data of the more than 137 million Visa cards in the 16 states that Chevron has a retail location,” says AdSport CEO Gary Knudson.

AdSport, the west coast sports marketing agency, has re-launched aFANity, Chevron’s sports loyalty program a number of a enhancements to the two-year-old rewards program designed to expand the reach and nature of how the brand engages with regular customers at its gas stations and on-the-road convenience stores.

One of the main changes to aFANity is the addition of Visa Rewards, says AdSport Co-founder and CEO Gary Knudson is that the offering is now one step closer to being a “true multi-tender loyalty program” – meaning that now anyone with a Visa card can connect their card and earn points. AdSport’s dev team worked with Visa over the last 8 months to leverage the Visa Rewards API to be able to track and award points for any Visa branded card connected to AdSport’s program. In addition, there are a slew of mobile-centric pieces that have been improved, Knudson tells us.

GeoMarketing: Can you explain how the update to the loyalty program works? What are the major changes?

First and foremost, and likely the most visible upgrade for consumers will be the new integration of Visa into the Program. During the pilot launch of the program in 2016, only members who had a Chevron and Texaco Techron Advantage Credit Card could connect their card to their aFANity account and earn points for every purchase they made at Chevron and Texaco stations. It’s a relatively small percentage of Chevron’s overall consumer base who could have taken advantage of that offer.

However, in this iteration of the program, we have partnered with Visa to be one of the first brands (Chevron) to leverage their new Visa Offers Platform API which will allow us to capture, if enrolled in the program, the transaction data of the more than 137 million Visa cards in the 16 states that Chevron has a retail location. So not only have we exponentially increased the consumer base that can connect a card and earn points for purchases, it actually presented an issue where we could further reward Chevron’s heaviest users and branded card holders. If a member connects a Chevron and Texaco Techron Advantage card to their profile, they will earn 2x the points for every purchase as a standard Visa card.

We are also dedicating more resources to improving the mobile experience. We are rewarding our members with points every time they “check in” at a Chevron or Texaco station or at their favorite football team’s stadium on game day.

While this feature in itself is not new we have dramatically improved the user experience. If a member has downloaded the Chevron or Texaco app, every time they cross a geofence of one of the 7700+ Chevron or Texaco stations or 50+ professional or college football stadiums, they’ll be prompted to check in for points. When outside of the geo-fence range, we deliver a different message, more focused on signing up for the program. Lastly, we also have regularly scheduled push notifications to go out to app users encouraging participation in the program.

These are just two examples of a much longer list of enhancements we’ve made to the program this year.

How do you think loyalty is being redefined these days? And does this particular program aim at younger consumers? If so, how?

It needs to be simple. We want to make participation in the aFANity program as simple and rewarding as possible.

We’re trying to reward our members with activities that they do 2, 3, sometimes 4 times a month – fill up their car or truck with gas. And a successful program must be flexible with customer’s habits and interests changing constantly. We have to react to the feedback provided by our members.

In 2016, we conducted a membership survey and asked what sort of rewards to they want to see more of and the #1 answer was game tickets.

We have focused on securing more tickets than any other prize category to meet what our members want to see. With the robust offering of sports-themed rewards in our store and the various easy ways to earn points, we think the program caters to customers of all ages.

We’ve also looked at the research that shows Millennials are not using credit cards as much and prefer to use their debit card rather than a traditional credit card – our program delivers in that regard, as long as the debit card has a Visa logo they will be able to earn points.

What is the importance of having a “true multi-tender loyalty program?”

The partnership with Visa brings us one giant step closer to being a multi-tender loyalty program. We want to reward Chevron’s customers for doing something that they’re already doing; something that’s part of the normal routine, filling up. And we want to make that as easy as possible for them.

So whether or not a customer’s primary card is a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express, we want them to be able to use whatever card they want and earn points for every purchase they make at a Chevron or Texaco station.

Further, this may help a customer make the decision not just to fill up with gas but go inside the convenience store and grab that soda or snack they have been craving, whereas without the additional benefit of receiving points for their purchase, they may decide not to.

What are the primary benefits of the loyalty program for Chevron and its customers?

aFANity Rewards is a sports-themed rewards program as such the benefits resemble a “locker room” of great rewards. Through Chevron/Texaco’s wide reaching sports sponsorship portfolio we were able to work with the teams and media rights holders to create offerings that any sports fan would love. In the Rewards Store you’ll find tickets to marquee college and professional football games and game day and non-game day experiences that ordinary customers simply don’t have access to and are unable to buy.

We have forged a relationship with Fanatics that will allow us to offer popular team gear just like the ones the players and coaches are wearing on the sideline and through their subsidiary Fanatics Authentic we’re providing cool and very rare fully licensed and verified autographed merchandise signed by fans’ favorite players.

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