Deliv Partners With UPS, Helping Retailers ‘Out Amazon, Amazon’

Utilizing store locations to provide seamless, same-day delivery helps turn brick-and-mortar locations from a liability to a strategic advantage.

Same-day delivery startup Deliv has partnered with UPS in the wake of a $28 million funding round, marking a major step forward toward retailers being able to match next-day and even dame-day delivery speeds made commonplace by Amazon.

Deliv has amassed a series of partners over the past several years, which include mall operators, national retailers, and SMBs. This means that consumers shopping on retailer websites including BestBuy, Macys, Kohl’s and more, can request same-day delivery (facilitated by Deliv) during online checkout.

Now, the partnership with a shipping provider as major as UPS means that same-day delivery is poised to expand — and brick-and-mortar retailers are that much closer to closing the gap between physical and online retail.

“In an era where ‘software is eating everything,’ the multi-trillion dollar question is, how do retailers transform brick-and-mortar locations from a major liability to a strategic advantage?” said Greg Bettinelli, an Upfront VC partner, in a blog post. “It seems obvious that the answer revolves around utilizing these locations, at least in part, as distribution centers so that they ‘out Amazon, Amazon.’

“Two years ago, we at Upfront bet that Deliv, with its fully-integrated last-mile same-day and scheduled delivery solution, would be the retailer friendly platform that would allow national retailers, ecommerce sellers, and SMBs to close this gap.”

It appears that day may now be here, as Deliv becomes the first same-day delivery startup to partner with a leading “traditional” shipping provider. This brings the retail world one step closer to making physical store locations — stocked with product that can be quickly and seamlessly delivered — the biggest asset in both the online and offline shopping game.

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