On-demand app Postmates has partnered with over 50 brands for its “12 Days of Postmates” promotion, offering $1.99 delivery daily on a variety of gifts and goods up until December 21st in a bid to boost orders by letting users skip the long lines of the last-minute holiday shopping scramble.

Gift categories include “Stocking Stuffers,” “For the Host,” “Treat Yourself,” and more, with selections coming from brand partners including Starbucks, Glossier, Uniqlo, and Blue Bottle Coffee.

The mutual benefits are obvious: Postmates gets more orders as shoppers seek a seamless way to stock up on gifts, and the brand partners get more business as well as general exposure to Postmates’ users. But the move represents more than just a little holiday fun: It’s a clear sign of the strength of the on-demand economy, as well as Postmates’ expansion as it enters the realm of brand/brick-and-mortar partnerships — like Munchery did earlier this month in a team-up with Pottery Barn.

“This is our first major step into retail,” Rishi Mandal, director of product at Postmates, told GeoMarketing. “Historically, Postmates has excelled at food delivery… [but] with a network of tens-of-thousands of Postmates making deliveries across the country, we’re excited to start offering a broader set of categories and use-cases. Increasingly, [users] will see Postmates curate the whole world around them, and [bringing them] anything they need in under an hour.”

This expansion of on-demand partnerships isn’t unique to Postmates; Uber has expanded the operating hours of Uber Eats, as while as offering a wider menu selection and new restaurant partners in Toronto. But by giving its “12 Days” promo a real-time, seasonal hook, Postmates has a chance to efficiently increase buzz in a set time period as the holiday shopping commotion reaches a fever pitch over the next 10 days.

“For retailers, mobile shopping and on-demand delivery are entirely new — and incredibly powerful — tools,” Mandal said. “For a local merchant — whether you’re a restaurant, shop, or boutique —partnering with Postmates lets local merchants service the entire city, not just the neighborhood around them. And for national brands, it’s exciting to enable customers around the world to browse, shop, and buy with a few quick taps, and then get their items delivered in minutes.”

Holiday magic, indeed.