Millennials Spend The Most Time On Instagram, Facebook Messenger

With consumers already exchanging over 2 billion messages with businesses each month on Facebook Messenger, the possibilities for engaging Millennials on the platform are substantial.

Instagram and Facebook Messenger are the most popular apps for Social Media Savvy Millennials, defined as the top 20 percent of all Millennial digital consumers based on the amount of time they spend with social media and communications apps and sites — indicating that marketers have a substantial opportunity for direct communication on these platforms, according to a new report from Verto Analytics.

In addition to Instagram and Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat round out the “top five” when it comes to apps where these Millennials spend the bulk of their time. That probably doesn’t come as a surprise to most marketers — but the prominence of Facebook Messenger, designed first and foremost as a communication platform, might.

In fact, this offers a major opportunity for brands, who have almost certainly explored social media marketing but may long to see more direct-to-consumer communication. Establishing or maintaining a strong presence on Facebook — while taking advantage of features like the “click to message” button on business pages — can be an effective way to do this.

After all, it’s clear that the consumer appetite for engaging with brands on Messenger already exists: In 2017, consumers exchanged an estimated 2 billion messages with business each month. Now, it’s clear that important Millennial demographic is a major part of that audience.

“Businesses are already using [messenger] to engage with their consumers in a personalized, powerful way,” said Stefanos Loukakos, Head of Messenger, Facebook, in September 2017. “This can be the new paradigm of how businesses communicate with their customers. Twenty years ago, they… started building a web presence; now is the time for businesses to build a presence on messenger.”

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