Neiman Marcus’ elaborate holiday Fantasy Gifts list features the Memory Mirror for $30,000, putting it squarely out of the price range of, well, just about everyone. But thanks to a new free iPhone app, shoppers of all incomes can now get an exclusive pic of the technology behind the innovative device.

Curious customers can download the app to get a demonstration of the Memory Mirror, which lets shoppers compare outfits side by side that they’ve alreadyNeiman-Marcus-Memory-Mirror-email tried on and captured in a 360-degree view with the mirror’s camera and software.

The Memory Mirror then lets users post images of their outfits online and share them with friends on social media or via email. A shopper using the mirror also has the option to immediately contact a sales associate for style advice.

The app granting this sneak peek also tells shoppers how they can buy the device for themselves from the luxury retailer’s 2015 Fantasy Gifts catalog — but the primary draw here isn’t to attract sales of the Memory Mirror itself.

The goal is instead to use digital means to build hype around Neiman Marcus itself in the lead up to the crucial holiday shopping season. Sure, Neiman would love to sell a Memory Mirror or two — as well as a $400,000 VIP vacation to India — but the real goal is to get app users to engage with holiday merchandise. In this case, the entry point to further shopping, Neiman hopes, is through a glimpse into how the 1 percent lives.

Encouraging app use both in-store and out — Neiman has its own app as well — also dovetails nicely with the brands larger omnichannel strategy. The retailer brought Silicon Valley vet John Koryl on board in 2014 to focus on attracting mobile shoppers, and it has followed up with a series of digital initiatives since, including a stop at SxSW in March.

Plus, giving this particular promo a holiday tie-in is simply smart marketing: A majority of consumers will use their smartphones in-store while doing their December shopping. As far as Neiman is concerned, if it’s the app that draws their attention, all the better.