New York Fashion Week is back — and to celebrate, Postmates has teamed with mobile shopping app Spring to deliver “fashion week survival kits” stocked with products from popular brick-and-mortar brands.

From September 8th to 15th, would-be fashionistas can order kits on the Postmates app priced from $25 to $100 and stocked with goodies sourced from both local brands — think Freyrs eyewear — and major fashion houses like Zac Posen. The kits are furnished by a variety of retailers, curated by Spring, and delivered on-demand by Postmates — making for a seamless marriage of the digital and the physical. And yes, like everything on Postmates, they arrive in under an hour.

Retail Ambitions

It’s easy to view the move as simply the latest in a string of on-demand partnerships: Uber teamed up with Timberland, Via worked with Frye, Munchery delivered good from Pottery Barn… and the list goes on.

But in addition to showing that the combination of physical merchandising and on-demand apps continues to be successful, this Fashion Week spread speaks to Postmates growing retail ambitions.

The company has dipped its toes in the retail waters before, delivering everything from Apple orders for tech lovers to cozy hats and gloves during its December “12 Days of Postmates” promotion. But as Postmates digs in deeper, available retail inventory — as well as the number of Postmates retail partners — is set to skyrocket.

In fact, earlier this year, the company spoke out about its aims to expand into the retail arena.

“In the beginning, we did offer access to merchants in a user’s city, but orders were just a custom list of what a customer needed,” said Holger Luedorf, Postmates SVP of Business, told GeoMarketing in February. “Now, we’ve gotten more sophisticated than that. Many retailers have full-fledged inventory listed, just like a restaurant’s menu, and they’re also marketing with us. And we’re very much focused on extending our services and partnerships to more retailers.”

But a word to the wise: The women’s kits sold out by late morning on the 8th. If Postmates restocks for the remaining days of the promotion, it’s safe to say you need to open up your app early to score the goods.