Reaching Out To SMBs, Screenvision Enters Upfronts Showing Cinema Ad Lift For Retail, Restaurants, And Auto Dealerships

"When clients shift their dollars to cinema they’re investing in valuable, measurable return in viewers who take action," says John McCauley, Screenvision Media's CMO.

A week after Screenvision Media, the movie theater ad network , launched its SMB outreach with “Corner Stories,” the company made its pitch touting the impact of cinema’s reach to CMOs, media planners, buyers, and brands at the company’s Upfront event at the PlayStation Theater in New York City.

Screenvision’s SMB promotion offers local businesses the opportunity to nominate themselves for the chance to appear in the inaugural “Corner Stories” segment as part of Screenvision Media’s Front & Center preshow. The winning spot will debut on July 4 and continue to air across the company’s national footprint for the entire month.

Meanwhile, John McCauley, Screenvision Media’s CMO, noted that cinema ads ended 2017 with revenue topping $750 Million, a sign that as traditional media like TV, though still the dominant media for advertising, is seeing audiences and ad effectiveness erode, the “captive” audience in movie theaters is more capable of driving real-world results for local businesses.

“The attention, retention, and impact gained through cinema advertising delivers the most memorable impression, drives consumer action, and bolsters ROI for brands. We’re always looking to push the envelope even further to engage audiences and deliver quality impressions,” said McCauley. “The immersive and captivating moviegoing experience continues to improve based on innovation, renovation, and new builds for our exhibitors, helping to create the optimal environment for memorable impressions. With the rise of augmented reality and virtual reality capabilities for our preshow advertisers, we’re excited about what this will bring for the year ahead.”

Screenvision’s John McCauley

GeoMarketing: What is the state of cinema advertising going into this year’s upfront?

John McCauley: Specific to Screenvision Media - In 2017, the box office attracted 1.2 billion moviegoers and generated $11 billion in revenue overall, thanks in part to the top 10 films which grossed over $3.8 billion. So far this year, due to the outstanding success of films like Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, and Solo: A Star Wars Story, Screenvision Media’s 10 Pack offering has outpaced expectations and exceeded projected impressions by 14 percent. With a new slate of must-see blockbusters in 2019, such as Captain Marvel, Godzilla: King of Monsters, The Lego Movie Sequel, The Lion King, and X-Men: Dark Phoenix, the 10 Pack is set to build even further on its impact for advertisers.

We’ve noted in the past that Screenvision has driven 15 percent store lift in retail traffic. Do you have any updates on that figure for last year? What about restaurants or other brick-and-mortar categories?

When clients shift their dollars to cinema they’re investing in valuable, measurable return in viewers who take action. Examples of the real impact of cinema through Screenvision Media clients:

Client who saw a 17 percent lift in walk-ins to their stores within one week of advertising with the company.

Restaurant chain who saw its current client base come twice as frequently after seeing its spot on Screenvision Media screens, and also saw a 55 percent lift in overall visitation by running with Screenvision Media.

Auto client who saw a 50 percent boost in traffic to their dealerships.

There have been a number of location-based advertising projects that Screenvision has pursued the last few years to connect movie audiences to brick-and-mortar businesses. Is Screenvision working with other the location ad platform partners?

There are many players in the space, and in addition to SITO and Mobiquity, Screenvision Media has worked with Verve and Alphonso. As a company, Screenvision Media continuously evaluates the market, trying to ensure they have access to the most robust, relevant and compelling offerings.

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