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The top GeoMarketing news of the week, featuring two companies with exciting partnership developments.

The GeoMarketing Top 5 Countdown

| 1:26 pm

New partnerships were the big news this week, with Placed joining Adelphic’s DSP and Amobee diving deeper into social by pairing with Twitter. And, of course, effective targeting remained as important as ever with Wendy’s attempting to reach out to millennials, Thrillist catering to subway riders, and Brooks Brothers exploring Conductor’s Content Mapping to better understand the needs of different demographics of shoppers.

Apart from our online coverage, GeoMarketing hosted its inaugural monthly panel discussion series. The conversation focused on how agencies can leverage geomarketing strategies to work with brands. The three panelists, included Ed Haslam, who oversees marketing at geo-data provider PlaceIQ; Sarah Ohle, the director of Marketing Intelligence at geomarketing specialist xAd; and Jeremy Steinberg, SVP, ad sales at The Weather Company, where he oversees national sales across all screens, including its flagship cable TV network, The Weather Channel, as well as its related websites and mobile/tablet apps.

“The siloes [between media channel disciplines] need to come down at the agency, marketer, and ad technology levels,” said Haslam, who previously served as SVP of marketing for video ad technology company YuMe. His fellow panelists tended to agree, and Steinberg noted that his expanded role reflects the fact that for marketers, advertising needs to meet the cross-screen nature of people’s wide-ranging media consumption.

GeoMarketing Panelists (L-to-R): PlaceIQ’s Ed Haslam, xAd’s Sarah Ohle, The Weather Company’s Jeremy Steinberg, and GeoMarketing’s David Kaplan.

Still, as Ohle noted, when it comes to matching advertising with location, mobile is the “first screen,” if not the only one, important to targeting consumers on-the-go. “We certainly support campaigns that are multi-channel,” she said. “But when it comes to using location as a factor, the mobile device is the one that connects consumers with physical shopping experiences.”

And now, back to this week’s countdown:

5. Wendy’s ‘Beefs Up’ Mobile Efforts

When fast-food chain Wendy’s was concerned about its presence with mobile-minded millennials, it reached out to them with geo-targeted ads on teen-centric apps.

4. Thrillist’s Subway Bar Map Comes To Brooklyn

Thrillist updated the MTA’s subway map to connect straphangers with bars near 166 stations throughout the borough.

3. ‘Location programmatic’ spreads as Placed joins Adelphic’s DSP

David Kaplan talks to Placed CEO David Shim about what this new development means for the company’s position in the automated ad targeting space, Shim’s plans for the future, and more.

2. Conductor Shines The Searchlight On Brooks Brothers

Web presence manager Conductor‘s Content Mapping helped show upscale clothing and home decor chain Brooks Brothers‘ “gaps” in the info shoppers were seeking.

1. Amobee Dives Deeper Into Social Following Twitter Partnership

Nicole Spector talks to Chad Bronstein, VP of Global Partnerships at Amobee, about the company’s decision to partner with Twitter, what it means now, and how they plan to evolve in the future. “Twitter has always been on our road map,” says Bronstein. “But we started to feel pretty heavy consideration from our clients who were saying that they were looking to work with Twitter, [particularly] with the engagement aspects of it.”