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5. Consumers Deem Location Services ‘Crucial’ For Apps — But Only Half Of Them Leave Geo Signals On

“These numbers aren’t particularly surprising, because we leave it up to the user to make the decision [re location services],” says Mike Schneider, Skyhook’s VP of Marketing. “Instead of trying to explain to them why they would want to make the decision, we just leave it up to them. Nobody’s really educated app publishers on the value of location services beyond tagging content. The data-driven design era is just beginning, and the growth of programmatic advertising — the greater use of automated marketing tools — could change things.”

4. Macy’s Opens ‘One Below,’ New Floor In Flagship Aimed At Millennial Audience


While One Below may serve well as an entry point for restructuring the brand’s strategy for reaching younger shoppers, evidence suggests that Macy’s will need mobile and digital ad efforts to back it up — and to let consumers know that the new department even exists in the first place. And while some of the tech in One Below’s “soft launch” is novel — 3D printing demos are featured, and an interactive selfie wall lets shoppers snap a photo with a variety of iconic New York backdrops — issues like wifi connectivity problems in the basement, impeding the social point of the enterprise, are still being ironed out.

3. Retail Remains The Highest User Of Proximity Solutions, But Healthcare, Airports Begin Catch Up

Four months after its debut, Proxbook, a database designed to help agencies and marketers make better sense of global companies that offer location marketing services, is reporting a 380 percent jump in the number of proximity sensors from 879,500 to 3,349,000 around the world.

2. Retail Loco Preview: Retailers Need To Scale Location Tech And Connect It To The Wider Customer Experience

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The LBMA’s Chicago conference explores “geo” as the ultimate dataset and how beacons and IoT are changing retail strategies.

1. ‘Uber-Killer’ NoMoCab Provides OOH Advertising — And Free Car Rides

Singh Ventures, an entrepreneurial company based out of Philadelphia has launched what it’s calling the “Uber-killer,” NoMoCab. NoMoCab is an on-demand cab service similar to Uber or Lyft, but is entirely free. Rather than paying a fare, the ride is paid for entirely through advertisements.

Each NoMoCab car is “wrapped” with advertisements from different brands. Both the outside and inside of the car can be outfitted with display ads and interactive video ads playing on in-car iPads. Drivers will also be trained brand ambassadors who are able to speak with customers about the brands being advertised on their cars.