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The company's new research findings compare the behaviors of consumers based on where they live: urban, suburban, or rural.

xAd’s Study Shows The Different Ways We Think of ‘Local’

| 12:15 pm

What do we mean when we talk about “local”? For those of us living in New York city, that could be anything within a few blocks. For those of us living in the rolling hills of rural America, it could be anything within 10 miles. This is the focus of xAd’s new study, surveying what “local” means to different people and how far consumers are willing to travel to get what they need.

Some highlights from the study:

  • Rural Dweller and Suburbanite parents are 88 percent more likely to take their kids to extracurricular activities than urban parents
  • Urbanites are 112 percent more likely to go to unwind after work at a happy hour than the average of Rural Dwellers and Suburbanites
  • 1 in 5 rural consumers work from home – a 40 percent increase over the average of Urban & Suburbanites
  • Most Urbanites won’t travel more than 1 mile to visit a Drug Store, yet only 1 in 3 Suburbanites and 1 in 10 Rural Dwellers share that expectation

You can read xAd’s full findings here. (Registration required)